How to set up your social media channels for business success

The internet and social media have changed the way consumers buy goods and services. It has also affected how persons consume news, and even how they entertain themselves. But have you ever found a tweet, or a video from a business or brand, you click it to check out their profile, and end up confused? You want to find out more about what they are up to and to even buy from them, but all that information is left out.

I’ve been in that situation many times. Generally, a person just set up a social media profile, throw up a website link,  then start posting. “I mean that’s social media right?” 

Being on social media alone won’t help you unless you set up your profile for success.  Here’s a list of the 3 things that are damaging your social media channel.

A bio that is not focused on the customer

Your bio is where you talk about how you can help your potential customer. The problem is most people use this real estate to talk about themselves. They even use it to tell their life story. This is all well and good but no one cares. This might sound harsh but look on the flipside. 

You’re on twitter and a friend of yours retweeted a video of a guy sharing some health tip. It grabs your attention, and you repost it as well. You then click to check out his profile and see the type of stuff he posts and read his bio. Below are examples of scenarios to look at. Which one do you prefer:

  1. I’m James Brown Health Coach
  2. I’m James Brown and I can teach you how to gain more energy and lose weight. Check out my free ebook on 5 ways to lose weight <link>

The first option is just a job title, the second option is utilizing the space to explain to people why they should follow him as well as promoting a free information kit, that will help persons looking for a health coach.

No header / Cover Photo

Cover photos are prime real estate for your social media profile, but many persons don’t use. They may either choose a generic background and that’s it. What’s often not realized is that You can use this section to promote your offer. This will allow you to have a more concise bio with the link to your lead magnet.

Going back to the health coach example, Dr James Brown could place the headline with the core offer in a nice cover photo with a background image of success. That will draw in first-time visitors to his profile and make his social media account attractive. 

No updated profile photo

Most businesses just put their logos as the profile image and that’s fine. But most individuals don’t have a professional picture taken They just use a regular photo and just forget it. This is your prime real estate to sell yourself and the benefits you offer to the customer. You want them to see you and your personality in the profile photo. Make it appropriate for the industry you are in, attracting your ideal client. 

Social media is a great way to build awareness about your business, and what you do. Fixing these 3 things can position you for business success.