Allocating time to create content

Time is a precious asset. Making additional time to create marketing content should be one of your priorities to have success online. This will ensure that you keep consistent on your platform and keep your audience engaged, which will result in business growth. Running a business takes up most of your time but how can you actually find the time to create consistent content? 

Document your ideas daily

I got this idea about documenting your ideas daily from Austin Kleon and Gary Vaynerchuck. The concept is simple, document don’t create. Sometimes we overthink value because we over-analyze if it’s good enough. Keep everything and share bits and pieces. Doing so daily will give you an overflow of stuff to share with your audience. 

Austin in his book “Share your work, have a simple system you can use. I ‘ve tweaked it to suit my needs. 

Share what you’re working on, on social media. Expand it on a blog post or longer video or podcast. He calls it stock vs flow. Gary Vee does the opposite, he creates one long-form content, a blog, live video, podcasts, keynote speech, and breaks it down to create native content on social media. 

Whether you do it top-down or the other way around, documenting on a daily basis removes the anxiety of finding time to create new content. I used to get anxious about this issue but once I started writing every day I always have content to share. 

Batch Create

If documenting ideas daily doesn’t work for you, the other way to create content is batching. The way this works is you find a dedicated day and create all the content you need for a week or a given period. What makes this a good alternative is that you only focus on creating the content once and share it later.

To do this successfully, it’s helpful if you always collect ideas. When you’re ready to create content you have tons of ideas to choose from. This eliminates the blank page syndrome and writer’s block. Once you pick your dedicated day to create, eventually it becomes routine.

Do both

You can do both if that suits you. Document all your ideas. Whether it’s you recording a video, taking a picture on your phone or a voice note. You can batch produce it later for sharing. Austin Kleon in his book “Share your work” recommends taking the time out of your day to share one thing from your work journal.

Hope this inspires you to create more and be productive in your online marketing efforts.