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Hi, my name is Andrae Palmer a journalist by profession with over 13 years of experience. I’m also a passionate teacher of the word of God.


Taking Action by Faith: How to Believe and Leap Something to think about podcast

Feeling inspired but unsure how to take the next step? This episode is your roadmap to success! We'll explore seven powerful strategies based on scripture to turn your dreams into action. Learn how to harness the power of role models, cultivate unwavering conviction, and finally break free from anything holding you back. Discover how to produce results that matter, inspire those around you, and live a life of integrity and purpose. Get ready to transform inspiration into action and finally achieve the life you were meant for!
  1. Taking Action by Faith: How to Believe and Leap
  2. Conquering Your Fears: What's Holding You Back From Taking Action?
  3. The Paralysis of Inaction: What Happens When You Don't Take Action?
  4. Why Taking Action is Your Secret Weapon
  5. 5 steps to building a stable life

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