How to package your podcast for distribution

You’ve got the intro and outro recorded. You have edited down your interview. Now it’s time to put everything together into a podcast episode for distribution.  If your editing software has a multitrack section then you’re good to go. This is where you will do all the work to make your...

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How to edit a podcast episode after recording

After you’ve recorded your episode chances are you didn’t get it perfect. No worries because the show I pre-recorded and you’ll be able to tweak it before sending out. That’s where editing comes into play. This process is not hard but takes some time to complete. Here’s a four-step process you...

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3 mistakes freshman podcasters make when editing

Podcasting is seeing a boom right now, and more persons are starting to create their own shows, but with all the excitement people rush into doing it and end up compromising the quality of their show, as a result of faulty editing techniques. This makes the experience less than ideal for...

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How to start a self-hosted WordPress blog

Starting a blog is one piece of your marketing arsenal, useful in helping you promote your business. You have the opportunity to educate your customers,  share your marketing messages on a channel you control but, you might be thinking that you need to hire an expert to help you set it...

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3 reasons why your company website need a blog

3 reasons why your business website need a blog

One day I was doing some research trying to find a place I could buy a printer. Checked all major outlets websites thinking it would answer all my questions. I wasn’t searching for a regular home printer, I wanted something similar to the one I used at work.  Few of the...

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