I’m Andrae Palmer

I can help you produce content for your next marketing campaign.


Web design

Get your website created to sell your product or services.

Graphic Design

Get images created for use on social media. Whether it’s for stories or regular posts.

Article Writing

Press releases, articles for website, content for social media pages and more.

Audio Editing

Podcast editing, advertisement, public service announcements, and audio narration for documentaries and videos.

About Me

 I’m a writer, producer, and presenter. I have been working in the Jamaican media industry for over 12 years. I started out as an audio engineer then transitioned to becoming a writer, producer, presenter.

I have worked on public education campaigns for several government ministries departments, and agencies in areas such as education, agriculture, tourism, and Commerce.

I’m currently the voice behind radio programmes such as calling farmers, sharing the love and tourism round up.

Latest from my blog

  • How to stop procrastination
    There’s a popular Jamaican saying that says delay is danger. The true meaning of that saying comes alive when you are working on a project and the deadline is fast approaching and you have not started. Its not that you mean to but other things have caught your attention or starting maybe difficult. I know …

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  • 5 software tools I can’t do without as a content creator
    As a content creator software tools are my best friend. It’s the center of all I do. These are 5 type of tools that I would recommend anybody to have and know how to use. 1. Audio editor An audio editor such as Adobe audition is my best friend. It helps me clean up interview, …

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  • How to optimize your workflow
    Have you ever started working on a project only to get stuck. Or becomes side tracked only to realize your deadline is fast approaching and you’ve made little progress. You may make a mad dash to complete it or you ask for more time. But the feeling of lack of progress on a project can …

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  • 5 things that helped me improve my writing
    Writing was one of the most difficult things for me to do. Whenever I was to write a letter, compose an email and similar things I would always draw blanks. It would be very frustrating and I would avoid it for a very long time. The reason writing was so difficult 8s because I had …

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  • 5 reasons why people are afraid to release new music
    After spending weeks sometimes months working on a new song. Its about the time to release it to your fans. But before you hit that upload button a flood of thoughts fill your mind. Is it ready? Does the mix sound right? Will my fans like the song? How will it sound compared with other …

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