How to use landing pages to convert more podcast listeners into leads

You are creating consistent content for your podcast and your audience is starting to grow, but there’s one question that’s on your mind, how do I get podcast listeners to check out what I do? How do I know if any of them are potential customers? The answer to that question is to use n a call to action. The next question is where do you send them? A dedicated landing page is an answer. Why use a dedicated landing page?

A Distraction-free environment for your offer

A landing page is a dedicated webpage without navigation links, sidebars. There’s only just your offer. What this does, is it helps the reader focus only on your offer and has to decide whether to take it or leave it.  Using such a tool will help your cause of growing your business. There are multiple ways to design it but it all boils down to 2 options, a two-column layout with a form or a one-column layout.

Landing pages for free offers for list building

An email list is important to build your business, and a landing page is one of the tools used to achieve this. There is the two-column layout. One side has of the book or free gift and the other, the form and text explaining why they should get it. 

I like this layout simply because it makes the reader see everything at a glance. There is nothing to scroll down to as well. So nothing to distract the reader just everything they need to know to decide. 

Landing pages for selling

Single column layouts are one of the most common for sales offers. But it depends on what you are selling that will make its use effective. Courses, services, consultations, software, products are all the examples I have seen one column layout use.

The reason for this is for the purpose of filtering leads to the landing page. They can be long or short, and usually, there is the buy button multiple times on the page. 

Two-column layouts are effective for selling as well. For things like books and physical products. It looks cleaner and helps readers to see the offer at a glance.

As you can see from the pictures and examples using landing pages with your call to actions go hand in hand.