Why set up a landing page for your podcast?

A podcast is an intimate medium. You take listeners on a journey with you by addressing their problems, sharing stories and solutions that help them. But if you run a business, chances are you want to convert those listeners into paying customers. To do this you’ll need a conversion system. By this I mean an offer to give to your listeners, and a place for them to get it. An automated sequence to nurture the relationship. One critical component is a landing page. 

When a listener hears your offer and decides to take action, they want to go to a webpage to get that offer. They will see the offer and find even more reasons why they should get it now. Instead of having them search for it, you can make it easy for them to decide. 

Before anyone can become a customer they all have questions relating to your offer. Some might be sceptical, but visit the page to verify the doubts. So that’s what the landing page is for. This space should answer all questions, and help convert listeners into leads that eventually buy from you. 

A distraction-free environment

While people are listening to your podcast they may miss some things you said about the offer. Why not repeat it on your landing page. Only your offer is on the page. They can focus on getting all the information they need to decide. It’s a distraction-free zone because only your offer is on the page. This is important because the listener only has one choice to take the offer or leave it. 

This makes deciding easier and increases your conversion once you have a good offer. It also makes it less of a hassle to decide what to do next as your call to action will be on the page. 

You can separate offers for customer segments

Chances are you’ll have multiple offers, free and paid for your listeners. Where would you put them? On a landing page, with each offer having its own page. You might cater to different people and have multiple products that solve various problems. This is a great way to separate your offer so that they don’t compete with each other. 

This makes selling much easier because each of the solutions is separate. you can create different pathways for different customer segments. Also, you can track every step of the way to see what’s working and what’s not.

You can track whether  your marketing is working

The last point is that you can track what’s working and then fix it. When you look at your podcast download numbers then how many persons visited the page. The real metric is how many persons took action on the page. This number can tell you how effective your offer is,  and you can see how it impacts the bottom line of your business. Knowing how each landing page affect your revenues can help your decision making and your marketing in the future. 

Those are some of the major reasons why every podcast needs to use landing pages.