How many emails should you create for a sales funnel?

You have lots of ideas for your podcast that create lots of value for your listeners. You have a system to get them on your email list to automate your marketing. The question is how many emails should you send them before they are ready to buy? This can be frustrating, but luckily I found some model sequences you can try out what works.

The question of how many emails you should create for your sales funnel might come up when you sit down to write. The number will vary depending on what you sell. For the sequence to work its best to follow a system.

What do customers need to know before they buy?

When writing the email sequence decide on what persons need to know to be ready to buy from you. Lay that out over a 3 to 4 emails before you send your sales email. How you do this is to follow a system to drip the content over a period to your list. Derek Halpern from social triggers follows a basic sequence when launching his courses. Pain, desire, many options, the final option, best option.

This is a sequence he uses daily to launch his courses. In each email. He addresses the needs of different types of buyers. So what are some sequences you can use?

3 – 4 email sequence 

I first learnt about this sequence in Dan Kennedy’s book “Magnetic Marketing.” It’s a simple sequence you send 3 – 4 emails to your list. How it works you send a few emails adding more value to the lead magnet or free information gift. Then in the final email, you ask for the sale. This short sequence builds urgency and if your customers are ready to buy they will respond. These emails can be sent out every other day. 

7 email sequence 

This model I learnt from Ramit Sethi of growth lab. What he teaches is similar to the 5-day launch but the content is a bit different. The launch cycle is a bit longer. How can you apply this?  In the 7 email sequence take the time to explain what you sell and the benefits. Explain the problem you address, talk about the solution and present yourself as the best option. You will be laying out all the emails you need to present your offer. 

Test these ideas out in your business and adjust it base on the results.