How to choose a domain name

Choosing the right domain is very important. This is how people will find you online. It is also used as part of your marketing to drive customers to your offer. The name you choose shouldn’t be too complex. So how do you choose the perfect domain name for your business?

Start with your business name

To begin,  start with your own business name as your domain name. This is the basic place to start. Why because that’s how you can begin to claim your real estate online. Have a place to send customers with your name attached to it. 

To buy it, go to a domain registrar, for example, ”” I use this registrar to buy my domain names. Enter your business name to see if it’s available, and purchase the .com version. It’s that simple. That’s how you buy your business name. 

What if the business name is complex?

if your business name is complex, coming up with the right domain name may not be so easy. You have to find an appropriate abbreviated version that works. Make it concise and simple Don’t get too technical about it. You want something people can remember. yourself and your staff included. Example one of the local banks business names is National Commercial Bank but their domain name is 

The other point I want to make is that if your business name is complex, maybe its time to change it. Or even modify it to something more simpler. 

Use your own name

In his book “The brand called you,” Peter Montoya says people do business with people. SO its a no brainer,  to buy your name as your domain name and use it to build your business. This solves the ‘complex name ‘issue and helps you build your personal brand. 

 you can have a little fun with his option because you have variations to choose from. Here are sine options.

  2. Firstinitaillastname.cpom

This is just to get some ideas flowing, for your domain name. Once you choose your name just go to or a similar site and buy it. 

One last thing. you don’t have to buy your business name. What I’ve seen some other businesses do is have a blog and redirect searches for their business to the blog dedicated to their industry. Whatever the situation, claim your domain name today.