Why buying your domain name is important

With social media companies constantly changing the rules, it becomes more and more important to invest in your own website. To start that process, you need your own domain name, but why is having a domain name important? 

Persons are able to find you

The modern-day buyer operates differently compared to in the former days. This is where ads use to drive consumer behaviour. These days, persons go on google to do a search for solutions to their problems. The results they find help them decide what to buy, or who to hire. You can be a part of that conversation. 

Say someone is looking to buy a new computer or cellphone. In such cases, they search for reviews of different options, read about the features and then decide what they are going to buy, then buy it. 

If you sell computers, persons can find a review that you did on your business website, and find you when they google computers. It works the same way as the yellow pages. The difference is, you have more space to talk about why you are different through the content on your website. If you don’t have a domain name eg: yourbusinessname.com then persons looking for computers won’t know you exist. 

Your name differentiates your brand from the competition

Toyota, Mercedes Benz, Dell are all names of well-known brands. If you ask anybody about their favourite cellphone, some will say Samsung, others will say iPhone. These are all brands. Like it or not, your name is a brand, and the name of your business is a brand. 

A brand represents a certain quality in the mind of the customer. When they think of something a brand relating to that comes to mind because they know what they are going to get. When you invest in building your brand through your domain name and online marketing, it will make it easier to grow your business from your website. It’s your sign online. That’s your real estate. 

It’s part of your marketing

When building a website one of the most important steps is buying a domain name. When you are promoting your business whether through social media, podcast, radio or TV  keep in, and you need a location to send them. If someone asks, how can I find more information about you what do you tell them? Your domain name of course. When they go to your website they will find all your marketing information,  and be in a position to make a buying decision.

Your domain name can be part of your call to action. Example visit mydomain.com for a free information kit. This will further help you sell your services while you are not there.

So as you can see, building a website and having your own domain , can help you automate your marketing, ] making it easier for persons to find you and build your brand.