The reason why you should automate your marketing

Not having enough clients is one of the reasons why most businesses fail. To solve this problem you’ll need a predictable system to find customers, tell them about your offer and get them to buy. Now, this sounds like a lot of work and it is. But all of this work can be automated giving you the freedom to focus on serving your clients. So why should you automate your marketing?

Pre-qualify customers so you don’t have to

One of the beauties about automating your marketing is that you can set up the system to qualify prospects so you are only talking to people who are ready to buy. This makes selling easier because once you meet with your customer they are already sold. 

It starts by mapping out your sales process and creating content for your marketing channels to attract your ideal customer. Systematically sending them out driving people through your sales funnel ever step of the way. They are given content that will bring them closer to buying. 

Pre-qualifying people is a good way to weed out persons who will waste your time. You can do this through the type of free lead magnet you offer. The wording of your ads and even to the types of questions on your landing page forms. Not everyone is going to buy from you and that’s ok. Just focus on serving your ideal clients and your peace of mind will thank you.

A repeatable system to sell so you don’t have to

Apart from pre-qualifying customers which is part of the sales process, you need a repeatable system that you can provide all the information about your offer. A step by step system that turns prospects into paying customers. The reason why this is so good is you can answer questions potential customers ask and more through content. ANd move them closer to making a purchase. 

Repeatable meaning you create the content once and show it to many people. This can be videos, audio, images or even blog content. There are so many ways you can package the content that you just have to choose the ideal one to reach your customers. 

You can track the results

There is a quote that says 50 per cent of advertising works you don’t just know which half. Here’s the thing in order to build a predictable system you must test your first set of ideas to see if it works and tweak it until you start to see results. Tangible numbers and results can help you visually see how well your marketing efforts are performing. 

Dan Kennedy in his book magnetic marketing advocates for business owners to track the results of their marketing. Because it can help you save money and show you what is working and what is not. You will see how many persons downloaded your lead magnet, how mich read the follow-up emails you send. Who opened your sales email and click to buy from you and in some cases where they are. This type of information is helpful so that you can strategically target more persons who respond to your offer. Giving you better results.

Market automation is a good way to get new customers and help you grow your business.