How to create content to match consumer buying behaviour

A marketing funnel is a systematic way to convert casual visitors into paying customers. How you implement this depends on how people buy what you sell. One thing that will make or break your marketing funnel is your content. What do you say at each step of the way to move persons closer to buying from you?

Talk about the problem

The first stage of the marketing funnel is attracting your ideal customers to your website, or to listen to your podcast. What do you say at this point? Talk about the problem or issues they are facing. This is a great way to build a relationship with your listeners or readers and also to build their trust. Once they feel confident, they will want to learn more.

Recently I went to get my eyes checked and then went online to purchase my glasses. The company was zenni optical suggested to me by a  co-worker. On the company’s website, they shared information about “blue light” blocking lenses. transition lenses are generally what is  prescribed, but the blue light lense got my attention. I instantly started googling to see if I should really get it. The one question I wanted to answer was what is the difference between the blue light lens and transition lens. Once I became comfortable with the answers I got, I added the feature to my glasses on check out. 

With all that said, the point is, there are questions that your customers will ask. Your priority is to make sure these questions are answered, and the answers readily available upon search. You may answer these questions on your blog or podcast for instance. 

Make a list of all the questions potential customers usually ask and start creating content to answer these questions. This can then be used as a tool to get them to join your email list. 

Teach customers how to buy your product/service

I’m not telling you to share all your trade secrets, your aim is to help people make better decisions and get value for money. In my case, it was buying a new pair of tested glasses. What led to my decision to buy online was the fact that it was very expensive to buy it from the local store, even with health insurance. My search on  Zenni Optica, based on the recommendation, resulted in my purchase. (by the way, this post is not a paid post, I’m just a happy customer.) This experience is a perfect example of the idea to nurture your prospect. You get to build even more trust and prepare them for your offer.

When you prepare your customers to buy, they make a more informed decision and reduce the incidence of fewer regrets about ar purchase. Another plus to this is that customers are more willing to tell others about you as well. 

Following my experience, I told my mom about it and I’m now considering to buy my son’s next pair from them as well. That’s the kind of impact your marketing can have with the right content. 

Send customers an offer to buy

In sequence, following that phase of nurturing to where the decision is made to make a purchase you can send potential customers an offer to buy. Don’t wait too long though. After a few emails send them the offer. Who is ready to buy will respond. For the others just continue teaching them about your offer. 

you can get customers to buy from you by offering discounts, special packages with your main offer plus add-ons. 

Example a course plus one to one coaching, and live group interactions. Or in my case with the glasses, I got the glasses plus free features, the case and a cleaning cloth. 

That’s how you go about creating content for your marketing funnel.