What is the Correct Way to Send Promos To DJs

At the end of getting your song recorded, mixed, and mastered by your producer and engineer, you have the final product, and you need to promote the song.

One of the best ways is to get the music to DJs. You will first need to collect info for all DJs you have listed as targets, eg. email address, phone, etc.

The norm for persons is to put all the email addresses together, attach the song as an mp3 with the artwork, and then do a blast, with the title” New Music” by < Title Song>.

The Right Approach

When you send promos it is better to take a few things into consideration.

eg: DJs may not want you to attach the song as an mp3. It may clog their email inbox. Sometimes when the inbox is full, and you send an email, it may bounce. At times you don’t get a response from DJs, this may just be one reason.

Another consideration may be to know whether a DJ has received and read the email sent. How would you be able to know this? Probably, you may listen in on every show, where you have mailed the DJ, to hear whether your song is played.

Chances are, you may contact the persons individually to confirm this as well. Quite a timely process, and ineffective.

Email Marketing Software

There’s an easier way to know who has read your email or downloaded your music. One answer is Email Marketing Software. Your email view will look more organized.

The setup offers the option for a Logo display of your label, or of you as the artist. Basic info about your song, a press -release, or A Bio can be done.

You can attach links for the DJs to download or listen to your music before deciding on downloading it. The system will allow you to know who has played your music, and you will then be able to decide, who best to send your work, based on the responses.

One type of Email Marketing Software is Mailchimp. it allows you 2000 emails there about when you sign up for free.

When you sign up, emails sent are tracked, and you are able to tell who did or who didn’t open your email. Also, who downloaded the music.

This system proves far more effective, when you know who directly to send these emails to. So marketing and promoting new songs is easier for you.

If You use your regular email, You will put the name of one DJ in the ‘ To’ section then the other DJs at the ‘BCC’ section.

BCC is Blind Carbon Copy.

Each DJ will get the message without anyone else knowing who else has received it. The drawback is that you won’t know who opened the email, or who downloaded the music. Note too.

Sending an external link is helpful, as sometimes the DJs may want additional info within the package, such as the song instrumental, and the artwork.

eg. A DJ may want to mix the instrumental while transitioning the song, and so on.

Using External Services

The Standard is to send the package as a zip file, not attached to the email. External services may come into play. eg: Dropbox, Mediafire, mega.nz, box.com.
These services will allow you to track the number of persons that have downloaded the files. This is to help you effectively target the process.


The most effective of ways to send promotional emails is using an Email Marketing Service. Additionally, you should include as part of your package, A small press release, the inspiration behind the song, and other related info that are useful to share with the DJs.