How to use Youtube to Promote your music

Youtube is the largest platform for videos online next to Google. Many persons use this to access music. As an artist, it’s a tool you can use to build your online following, to effectively promote your work.

Here is a problem though. For an upcoming artist, you are unknown to many, and so there won’t be much of any searches for your music. Except for having a  small following, eg. family friends, and so on

Have  a Consistent Action Plan

There’s an effective way to getting your music recognised, and it will take having a consistent plan. You should know the category your music falls under and the artist to which your sound can be matched against.The aim is not to compare your work to others, but to help you realistically identify, and know the target audience you are going for.

eg. as a gospel artist, your sound is similar to that of Kevin Downswell, or a Jermaine Edwards, your target would be the fans of either of these on youtube.

With that in mind, you know persons are already on the search for these persons, the question to yourself then should be, “how do I use this to the advantage, for persons to find me on youtube?”

Do Covers

A perfect plan is to use covers. What you are doing essentially is, singing the person’s song, and then, for example, use your smartphone with a selfie-stick, to record your live performances of the song, to then posting it online.

The video post would be put up as a cover. So the Title would be
eg: Kevin Downswell’s “You make me Stronger Cover” by <your artist name>.

When persons search for “You make me stronger,” they may just well find your take of the song. They’ll probably listen to it. When they listen to it, and like your version of the song, they’ll search for you on youtube, to find more of what you do.

If you have original songs online, persons will listen to it also, and if they like it, chances are after a while, they will buy your music, or may want to attend your concert to support you. things like that.

Alongside the suggested action plan,  as you a number of covers over a period of time, you should post additional content. Things like sharing the message behind your song. 
eg: a song may be done from the experience a relationship break-up, and and you express yourself by singing a song.
eg2: ” I was in an accident, and  I wrote the song to inspire people, there is hope.

However, it is, when you share the experience of the why behind the song, what is the inspiration, it’s you connecting to your audience.

The more you continue to post on youtube, your content will grow, and the more persons will then have reason to want to view your channel, to find you and consume more of your music.

Eg. Say you’ll be performing at a concert at Ranny Williams October 30, simply posting an invitation to persons to attend, is content. You may be on another event, you do the same, and overtime persons find you interesting. They’ll subscribe to your channel, follow you on other social media platforms, etc.


Ensure you use youtube effectively. The key to doing so is being consistent and seeing to it, that persons find you. One way for persons to find you is by using covers.

let me know if the information has been helpful. post your comments or questions below.