How to generate ideas for your social media channel

Social media is a great way to keep in touch with family and friends. It’s also a good tool to keep in touch with customers. But here’s the thing many business owners create social media pages and fail to consider what am I going to share? Some might think about it and then get scared and abandon the idea altogether. 

This might work to ease the fear but never solve the problem. In this post, I’m going to share with you how you can generate lots of ideas to share on your social media channels. 

Keep a notebook and write stuff down

The first thing for generating ideas is to have a system to keep track of them. What’s the point of gathering ideas losing them because you forgot. So, having a notebook and pen will be a useful tool to keep close by, to log ideas when you get it. A good exercise I found in James Alcuther’s book chooses yourself is to s write 10 ideas down per day. He says it’s a great way to keep the brain flowing and good practice to always have ideas to use.  Applying it in your case is to write down stuff you can share in the notebook and work on them later on.

Doing this will get your thoughts flowing, and help you see that it’s not that hard to find stuff to share. You can be as detailed or informal as you want, just get the ideas down.

Richard Branson in his book” Losing my virginity” talked about how keeping a notebook with a list of ideas is important. Also, James Alchutcher says writing ideas down changed his life. I have personally tried the exercise and walk around with a notebook in my bag every day to keep track of ideas.

Keep track of questions customers ask

Answering customer complaints is a great way to find new content ideas. People have issues all the time. They might even have questions that you know the answer to. During your interaction with them, they might have a problem unrelated to what you do but can point them in the right direction. Write them down. That’s why you carry a notebook. These are ideas that you can use for content. 

If you run out of ideas, do a search on google/quora for other questions people are asking relating to your business and answer those on your channel. 

Keep track of industry trends and events

Another way to generate ideas is to keep track of the latest happenings relevant to your industry that you can share with your customers. These content can be a great way for you to share your opinion and share a different side of your brand. 

It is also a way for you to educate your customers about what else is happening in the space. You can find offer other persons to collaborate with and even cross-promote each other. Keep track in your notebook and ideas for future content.

Keep track of ideas you can do tutorials on

The last thing I want to share is teaching what you know. Make a list of ideas you can teach that your customers can benefit from. These videos and articles can serve as a way for you to show customers how to make the most of your product/service.

The other thing that’s important is also teaching customers how to buy quality products or find a good service provider in your space. This can help you build trust and expand the variety of content you can share on social media. 

By going through the exercise you should have lots of ideas to share on your social media pages. Now go share those ideas.