How to choose the right social media platform for your business

Given the number of social media platforms available today you can easily get confused, and scratching your head about which one to choose. This may cause paralysis, as you may find yourself asking “where do I start? ” which platforms do I choose?” You might decide to jump in on all of them, stretching yourself thin and not seeing any results from your efforts. 

I use to make some of the same mistakes, which led to me no longer using all of them as a result. 

That’s why it’s important to have a strategy. I learnt how to narrow my focus on what’s important. With that in mind, here are some questions that will help you to choose the right social media platform for your business. 

What platform are my customers using the most?

The foundation of your marketing efforts online is knowing who you want to reach. This helps you in your decision making, to find out how you can execute your content strategy. Do they use Facebook? Are they on youtube?  Are they on Instagram or twitter? Knowing this will give you a clue as to the choices you should make. 

What media represents my business the best?

The next question is knowing which content type is best to market your business. Social media platforms offer various ways to post content. Knowing this also helps your decision making. Because you now have to decide which platform gives you all the features to maximise promoting your business with content. Are you going to be using video and images? Do you plan to write a lot of text? Out of all these forms of content, which one does your customer consume the most?

Depending on what you do will dictate your choice. If you’re a photographer, Instagram and Facebook will be your best friend. They host your images with a caption. If you’re a fitness coach youtube and facebook and Instagram are good platforms for you to look at. 

What content type do your customers consume the most?

finding out which content your customers use the most is important to let you know which tactics to focus your marketing efforts on, and know-how to integrate them effectively. 

It doesn’t make sense to be all over the place. Answer the questions and align yourself with the platform that will give you the tools to market your business. ANd also help you reach your customers.