How to apply your content strategy on different social media tools

Having a content strategy is the first step towards marketing your business online. It narrows your focus and gives you a plan of action to achieve success. So, how do you narrow that down to each social media platform? 

Your content strategy is simple what image you want to leave in the mind of your customers to convince them to buy. As it relates to social media this narrows down to using the platform to achieve this. To be effective on each platform you choose, you need to understand a few basic things. 

What is the dominant way that people use the platform?

Understanding the basics of each platform is the key to success later on. The other component is knowing what content type works best. This can be images, text, video, audio. As it relates to your strategy narrowing your focus to producing native content is how you can start. So here are some questions to consider:

  1. What are the different ways to use the platform?
  2. What content type people consume the most?
  3. How can I use this to join the conversation?
  4. What are my target customers talking about on the platform?

Answering these questions will put you on a path to generating lots of ideas for content. It will also let you integrate well and use the platform properly. 

What are the features of the platform that I can take advantage of? 

Knowing what you can do is also critical for social media success. You can simply check out the options you have. Facebook, for example, has live video, stories, you can post video, images and text. But the dominant way people use the platform is more visual. So now you can start to generate ideas for each feature. 

Here are some examples: if you’re in the food business:

  1. Use stories to share the making of a meal from prep to the final dish.
  2. Post the final image as a post with a caption that tells the entire story
  3. Post behind the scenes video explaining each step
  4. Do a live Q & A to interact with your customers

All of this is a strategic way to use all of Facebook’s features to your advantage. With that the aim of getting persons to buy from you in a way that person’s don’t feel sold. Now it’s your turn to learn to about your platform to execute your strategy.