Choose to live your authentic self

There’s a thing going around where people copy what other people are doing. They see something they like about a person and then add what they like to how they approach life.

That in and of itself is neither good nor bad, but have you ever felt like you are hiding behind something. Like there’s a shakle around you preventing you from being you.

If you can identify then you know what I’m talking about. Like you are trying to live up to a certain expectation and anything below that is not welcomed.

This is the sort of situation where life starts to get complicated. This is even worse on the job, when your boss or colleagues expects a certain thing from you. In a committed relationship this also plays out when your spouse expects you to be like them or react to stuff they way they react or even see the world as they do.

This kind of pressure also plays out when parents place unrealistic expectations on the shoulders of their children.

When you live behind that mask and pressure trying to keep up, life becomes unbearable. Do you want to live your life like that? I know I don’t.

Know is not the time to replicate what is already here. Now is the time to be you. Act weird, dress funny, talk different and even have opposing views. And that’s OK.

God made us to be different, but the idea of collaboration, community and relationships is all about making a contribution that moves things forward. Doing you in such a way that without you and how you do it life wouldn’t be the same.

That’s why it’s important to choose your authentic self everytime. Without you and the way you look at things matter.

What I’m trying to say is you matter, more than you realize. Don’t let no one else tell you different.