Should every podcast have a website

After all your efforts producing your show for uploading, so that your listeners can enjoy, you also need a place that you can call your own. At this central place, people can find out more about who you are This defined space is a  hub to distribute your show and information. For these reasons. having a website is so important. 

A hub to distribute your show

using social media as your traffic source is good to reach your buyers directly. However, these platforms constantly change rules, and so, becomes more difficult to reach all your followers. Once you’ve built a solid website you can control all the messaging, and have an organised space for persons to find out who you are and what you do.

You can distribute all the show notes and audio directly from your blog to, all other podcasting platforms, and have another channel where people can find your stuff.

You can host other pages with special offers

Another reason for having a website is to have a space to host your offers through landing pages. This can be valuable to your marketing system  to guide your listeners to take the next step. You can’t create landing pages on facebook without having other distractions for people to click away. 

This is a good thing because you don’t want to become too dependent on Facebook to market your business. However, you can use it as a traffic source. Meaning a way to build awareness and connect with your customers and potential customers. This also makes it a tool in your marketing system.

A place where listeners can learn more about you 

A website is important for your podcast so that you can tell your listeners about you, and how you can help them. After hearing your show, they may want to check out the products or services you offer. They may not be sure whether you are the right person .this is where them going to your website prooves useful.

What information will they find when they visit your site? This information might be testimonials or a breakdown of your different offers. Each offer would be on its own page with a full explanation as to what listeners would get if they buy and how they would benefit. They would also want to know more about your background, to further find out if they can trust you. 

That’s the reason why you have an about me page to further tell website visitors why you are the best person to solve their problem. By the time they interact with you, they are already sold. 

The Wrap

These are 3 reasons why having a website for your podcast is important. It’s your distribution hub, a place to tell listeners about you and how you can help them using landing pages.