Different types of call to actions for your podcast

If you want to see tangible results from your podcast, a call to action is important. You want to get your audience to do something to take them to the next step in your marketing funnel, but what do you say to them? Well, that’s what this article is about. 

Before we get into what to say, you first have to decide what type of offer you’re going to give to your listeners of specific episodes. there are two kinds, hard offer, and soft offer.

 Robert Bly in his book “How to create irresistible offer” explain these in detail. 

The Hard offers aim is to get a sale right now. Your goal is to create a bundle package that your listeners can’t refuse. These offers are good when people are ready to buy your product or service. 

Soft offers are a bit different and aim to get listeners to ask for more information or join your email list. This is great for persons who are not ready to buy but want to hear more from you. once they join, you can send them more marketing information later. 

So which one of these offers should you use for your show? That answer may vary. The reason is, you have the flexibility to adjust the offer to the content, and that’s important. Not everyone will be ready to buy, so you might have to put out a sales offer, or do a campaign push. Better yet, have guest talking about a book, then a hard offer can be used. 

Examples of soft offers

Many internet marketers stress the importance of growing your email list. This is the key to helping your business grow. Soft offers are great a call to action for this purpose. Here are some examples of soft offers you can use on your podcast. 

  1. Download our free meal planner to keep track of what you eat. Visit freemealplan.com 
  2. Download our free guide about 10 mistakes people make, when buying carts. Get the guide at buycars.net/guide
  3. Sign up for our free course on how to pay less in taxes
  4. If you’re having trouble finding a plumber get our free guide to finding the perfect plumber at plumberguide.com
  5. Get our free guide to personal branding now

As you see in these examples, the words you use must spur them to action. Signup for a free trial now. These are all soft offers. They help your listeners evaluate whether or not they want to buy from you. 

Examples of hard offers

Hard offers are what you’ll need, to get your listeners to” buy now.” These are statements you make to generate a sale. Here are examples of hard offers.

  1. Visit mybrand.com and use the promo code fire to get 10 per cent off your first purchase.
  2. IF you use the promo code hustle to get 50 per cent off if you sign up for an account.
  3. Buy the book now at 9.99 on amazon
  4. If you sign up now for an account using promo code podcast get 30 per cent off

If you listen to a lot of podcast you will start to recognise the use of these offers to get listeners to take action. They fit naturally based on the context of the show and your listeners won’t feel pressured. 

When crafting offers to call your listeners to action you have to give them a reason to act now. Also, remember the context in which to place your offer. ANd let it flow naturally throughout your show and you’ll be fine.