How to turn your ideas into podcast episodes

Having lots of ideas for a podcast is good. That makes the process to move ahead much simpler. But how do you transform your ideas into a podcast episode? 

With a little planning, you can make it happen. I’ll show you how in this article. 

Create an editorial calendar

First up, you need to churn out ideas. Once you’ve gathered all your ideas, the next step is to put them together in what is known as an editorial calendar for your podcast. This is where you sequence when you are going to publish what. In addition to that, start outlining answers to your ideas in a logical order. 

In your editorial calendar, choose which day or days you plan to publish episodes, Then decide when it will go live. The other thing is after you decide on a schedule, write out which topic or group of ideas you plan to tackle. Meaning if you cover health, October could be diet, November exercise and so on. 

Doing this will further break up the production into chunks. Making it much easier to produce your episode with a plan in place. It will also help you keep your ideas organised. 

 Start outlining the first set of ideas. 

Now that you have an editorial calendar in place, start outlining each idea. You have a lot of questions to answer on your podcast create an outline for each question. Follow the editorial calendar you have in place. 

you do this is by writing out 3 – 4 points that will answer the question in detail. You can even break down each point further. If the answers have lots of information, break them up into different episodes and create mini-series. That way you’ll have more content to share on your podcast. 

As a side note, you can also find a guest for your show to answer these questions for you. This will help build your audience and provide even more value for your listeners.

Gather your recording kit and record your show

Now that you have your outline, set up your podcasting kit and start to record each episode one by one. Amy Porterfield records all her shows in batches. This makes production easier. It also provides a system to work with that allows you to focus on one thing at a time. 

Connect your microphone to your computer. Open your recording software, and hit that record button. Once you’re finished, save your podcast episode in a folder.  Save it with the question and add the episode number. 

That’s it.  You have just transformed your idea into a podcast episode. You have created your editorial calendar, outlined each episode and recorded your show. Feel proud of your accomplishment.