How often Should an Artist Release Music

How often should you release music

The question as to how often a singer should release new material is up for debate. But in this week’s blog post we will look at the EP campaign, and the results,  following the launch of the THUG EP project by Dawit Jeffery and how it, assisted his career, as a recording artist.

What better way than to show a real-life case study as to one way to release music.

In a singles-driven market, it is recommended that you release songs every 6 to  8 weeks.The frequent release of songs can be tied to the release of an album or leading to a show.


In 2012 Dawit Jeffery and I linked for the first time, and he did a song “Nuh worry Wi” in collaboration with Jason Ramsey (J’Son). This was the first song recorded by Dawit.

The general idea is that you release 4 to 5 singles from the album, leading up to an event. All this is the link to a larger campaign.

To release the first song, we decided to release a lyric video and posted it on youtube, facebook, and Twitter. This was shared with friends. Additionally, the song was sent to a compiled promotion list of  DJs. We also used Soundcloud.  that was basically the campaign.

The second song ” I call on Jesus” was released about two months after the first release, and the same steps were taken. This too for the third and fourth singles, which saw the final release, January before the EP event.

In between the release of each song, work continued to complete the production of the album.


About March or April following, we launched the EP. The location was  Dawit’s church in the south side community. The event featured collaborating acts on the album and other supporting friends.

A band was hired to for the event. they were given the instrumentals for the tracks to do a few rehearsals.

Entry to the venue was $JMD300. You enter the venue along with receiving the EP.
Persons received a printed CD, packaged in a designed cardboard sleeve casing. ABout 50 persons turned up to the launch.

I Noticed the crowd’s response to the songs performed. The majority knew the songs word for word. Nothing significant was done as a full-on promotion, and the results were good.


From the launching of the EP,  Dawit has received a number of bookings for events, such as concerts, leading praise and worship sessions, and a number of speaking engagements. Recently he was invited to share at a book launch.

Persons have become more aware of his music and the other things he has to offer. This has propelled him over the past four years, as an artist and as a  brand.


When looking to promote an album, or you just want to know if it is wise to do so, you can examine the results of this case study, and other case studies like this.

Frequent music release allows a buzz around your brand. Note you can be easily forgotten. Over time you get support for your music and your fan base grows as a result.