Never underestimate your influence

A few years ago I was traveled with my coworkers to Duncan’s Trelawny on the yearly heritage tour.

Our first stop was Duncan’s All age school. Just before the presentations started a teacher came up to me introduced herself and said she wanted to meet me.

The reason was because she listened one of the radio programs I produced at the time called Jamaicas promise. She also commented on the work that I was doing and that she listened every week.

This came as a surprise to me because feedback on the work I do is very limited if I hear anything at all. So to get that positive feedback was encouraging.

The point I’m trying to make is this never underestimate the influence you have on people even when you never hear it. People are watching you from afar, taking notes and adjusting as they go along.

If you drop the ball, or don’t even realize how much impact you have, even it’s small what you do matters to somebody.

Never underestimate the value you bring to others. Something to think about….

Ps. The picture is one of the main thing that caught my interest at Duncan’s All age.