Podcast Editing Service

Recording a podcast is fun, but here’s the problem

Editing is time consuming
Getting the audio on one consistent level requires a lot of technical knowledge
Editing long interviews can get overwhelming

With my help, you can focus on what you do best, create great content.

How it works

1. Record

Record your podcast

2. Email the files

After you record your show, send the files to me for editing

3. Receive your files

I'll edit your show to your specifications

4. Enjoy your show

Once you receive your show, all you have to do is upload it.

picture of andrae palmer

Who am I ?

Hi I’m Andrae Palmer. I have worked in the media industry in Jamaica for over 10 years. First as an audio engineer and now as a writer, producer, presenter. I have written and produced radio features that increased awareness and signups for government led courses, events and scholarship programmes.

My Experience in media has taught me how to edit and produce radio programmes to broadcast quality which will help you produce high quality podcast.


What I can do for you

Audio Cleaning and Volume Leveling

I'll remove the mistakes and double takes, uhms and other unnecessary words.

Add intro & Outro Music

After general editing is complete, I'll add the intro and outro music to finalize the editing process.

Insert Sponsored Messages

I'll add all your pre-recorded sponsored messages inside your show.

label files for uploading

I'll label the audio and get it ready for upload so you don't have to.

Have a podcast that needs editing?

Let me help you. So you can focus on creating great content.

Here’s what you get:

  1. Audio cleaning and volume leveling
  2. Add intro and outro music
  3. Insert sponsored messages
  4. Label your files for uploading
Place the link to download the files to your show