My Money Picture

The goal of this program is to help you have peace of mind when it comes to your money. The program is broken down in several sessions that is geared towards helping you evaluate your financial position and create a plan to come out of debt and save for the future.

Here’s an overview of the program

  • Money management 101 
    • Evaluate your financial position 
    • Overview of financial planning
  • Honoring God with your money 
    • Biblical standard for money
    • Benefits of managing your money God’s way   
  • Saving for the future  
    • Why is it important to save  
    • Reasons why persons run into financial trouble  
    • How to put a sustainable saving plan in place  
  • Spirit Driven Giving
    • What are the biblical standards for giving
    • How to give without going broke
    • How to safeguard against emotional giving