Never give up on your dreams

For many years I always had a deep desire to play piano in church. For many years I sat at the back or on the drums with an image of being able to play by ear.

I asked for help many times from other musicians but somehow I didn’t get all the information they were telling me.

I bought courses, books and watched countless YouTube videos to learn. Until I found a simple system that helped me get the basics. With practice I got better, being able to pick up songs by ear quickly.

I eventually got an opportunity to play piano occasionally in church. I wasn’t as good at first and I was nervous as hell.

I pushed past the feeling of embarrassment and feeling of failure until I got comfortable and learnt from my mistakes.

I got better, even though I may not be like other keyboard players I know. But I reached my goal. What I imagined all those years ago is now reality.

The take away is this, never give up on your dreams. Keep pushing until you figure out what will fast track your growth.