3 reasons why your business website need a blog

One day I was doing some research trying to find a place I could buy a printer. Checked all major outlets websites thinking it would answer all my questions. I wasn’t searching for a regular home printer, I wanted something similar to the one I used at work. 

Few of the companies websites I checked I saw that they had a one or two printers that might work. No information was there that would convince me to pull the trigger and get it. Based on the look of the site I wasn’t even sure they had the printer in stock. Plus it was my first time buying that particular type of printer. These are the type of things situation a blog could solve.

Long before the internet companies used to rely on newspapers and magazines to write about them to reach their customers directly. They actively seek out these opportunities. Now they don’t have to do that. Its easier to reach your buyers directly and address their problems on your blog. 

Answer customers questions and queries

This is one of the easiest places to start. Answering questions customers call or come into the store and ask. Walk them through step by step, educating them to make a decision. If I had seen a buyer guide to office printers on the site. I would have read it. Would make me more likely to buy from them if I felt I knew what to look for in the type of office printer I wanted. 

It builds trust with customers

If your blog is helpful overtime customers will trust you. Why? You took the time out to educate them. You became a trusted advisor that helps them make good decisions and get value for money. 

For instance, I always hate when calling companies asking questions and the person on the phone is trying to get rid of you. Its the worse feeling in the world and a big turn off when you are genuinely going to buy something. 

Its a communication channel you control

Lastly, if you have a big announcement you can post it on your blog, once you build up subscribers and chances are you collected data from them you can send it out to them. No need to send an email to the press and hope someone sees it and publish it. You can tell your story through a vehicle you control. You can post as often as you want for free. Once you build up your customer database you can reach them directly through your blog.