Where to record podcast episodes

When looking to start a podcast, one of the questions that come up regularly is where to record your podcast episodes. Do you book a studio? Or can you record it in your home office? The answer is yes and yes. 

Recording your podcast episode in a studio

Booking a studio to record your podcast is perfect for persons who don’t want to interface with the technical side of things. All you want to do is to record and share your podcasts to the world. The positives about it are that you can find studios that do all the editing for you.

The flip side of this is the cost and the time commitment to record your show. Depending on your schedule you’ll have to book the studio time and go to the location on a regular basis. I’ve seen a lot of people do this and it turns out fine. 

When recording at a studio the engineer manages the levels, can do basic editing and give you the final product for distribution. 

Recording in your office

If you have the equipment to record your podcast, then set it up in your office, whether at home is a good option. Just clip the mic stand to your desk and connect the mic to your computer and hit record.

One thing to keep in mind is to ensure the environment is quiet. This is important because any external noise will be picked up in the recording. External noise is bad as it will affect the quality of your show.

If you live or work in a noisy environment then consider finding a quieter space to record or just book a studio session. The important thing to remember is to ensure that the space you record in is quiet and there is not much noise coming into the room from outside. 

Should I record in an empty space?

 The problem with recording in an empty room is the echo. Or what is referred to as reverberation. The sound of your voice is going to bounce all around the room and into your recording. That’s a bad thing. So ensure that furniture and other stuff are in the room. This will tame the echo and give you a nice environment to record in. 

If you check out Gary vee on youtube you’ll see that he records his podcast in an office. Joe Budden records his show in a big room but there’s a couch and other stuff around. 

For certain one method is not better than the other. The choice is yours when looking for space to record your show. Whether you book a studio or do it yourself, get it done.