Where to put a call to actions in a podcast episode

Placing a call to action in your podcast episode will help your audience take the next step to build a deeper relationship with your brand. That next step depends on how customers buy what you have to offer. For some, it means downloading a free ebook, or other free information offers before they become paying customers. For others, it’s booking an appointment or buying a product. That’s why the call to actions are important. Call to actions helps listeners to move from just a casual listener to becoming a paying customer. the question is where do you put them? When is the right time to say it?

At the end of the show

one of the best places to put your call to action is at the end of your show. You can tell listeners what to do to take the next step, based on your show’s topic. An example of this is: “for more information call 1-800 – get help.” I use this call to action most times in my radio features. I find that if the information is useful and persons are ready to take the next step, they will call. 

Why is this is a good spot? This is so because after hearing all the information provided, some persons would want to buy right after. Others may not be at that place but would want to get more information from you. When the show ends tell them what to do. 

I remember listening to an interview on the story brand podcast with Donald miller. He was talking about a new book by Mike Michalowicz called clockwork. They were talking about the concept and where he wrote the book. ANd why this concept is important. I bought the book after the show was finished. That’s why the end is a good place to add your call to action.

In the middle

The middle is also a good place to add your call to action. Here’s something to think about. You’re teaching a concept and have a resource guide. This guide is perfect for your listeners to follow along and them the concepts. While teaching stop and ask your listeners to download this guide. This is also a good way to help them take action and apply the concept and become a lead.

The middle is perfect for this type of content. You can also put sponsored messaging in the middle of your show. This could be a special offer, a discount code, percentage off etc. These type of offers can also work in the middle of your podcast. 

At the beginning and throughout the show

the top is not usually a good place but sometimes proves necessary especially when you have a guide that goes with your show. Perhaps you may start by saying I have a checklist/ cheatsheet to assist with this show, download it at mypodcast.com\cheatsheet. Then you can start teaching the concepts. 

Amy Porterfield does this perfectly on her show that teaches people how to create and market online courses.  She also reminds listeners to download the guide throughout the show, and that’s how this method works.

Whether you do it at the beginning, in the middle or at the end. Ensure you put a call to action in your podcast episode. That’s how you see a real return on investment from your marketing.