Why Rehearsal is Important before recording

Vocalists and musicians are true to their craft. They work day and night practicing to getting better at singing and playing their instrument.

If you incorporate practicing into your daily routine you’re well on your way to mastering your instrument.

When approaching a recording project same dedication should be taken. That’s why rehearsals are important. They are not only for live performances.

They’re for studio recordings as well. Here are some ideas on how to use  your rehearsal time before going into the studio

Work on song arrangement.

It’s the best way to work on the fine details of the song. Work along with your producer to fine-tune the arrangement of lyrics and parts to make singing and playing the song easier and more in sync.

Doing this saves you both money and time in the studio.  Also, it will help to bring more focus to the song.

Ensure all song sections complement each other and are not fighting for attention. Make sure no instruments are not playing in the same range to mask other parts.

Meaning each instrument should play in their own range as well as leave room for vocals.

Test out ideas.

Rehearsals should be both fun and technical. Don’t be static test ideas that you want to try, whether it’s a new melody line, a harmony section in the verse, a different drumbeat.

These ideas should either make the song sound better or worse. Keep a note of all the ideas you want to add to the song. It will be good to have a voice recorder to keep all your ideas together.

Best way to learn songs.  

Practice is the best way to learn the song or songs by heart. Mastering it will give you more time to focus on the performance.

If you practice like you’re on stage chances are when you get into the studio you already know how the song should sound, so singing it and playing the parts will be easy because you worked so hard on it during rehearsals.

Get better at playing them.

Rehearsals help with your musicianship. The more you perform the better you get. The better you get the more confident you’ll feel.

Confidence helps you give you all while recording because you know how to get the sound you want.

Knowing how to use your instrument takes practice. Practicing your songs makes you a better performer and a better professional to your craft.

If you take rehearsals seriously and give it your all you’ll save both money and time.