I’m Andrae Palmer

I can help you produce content for your next marketing campaign.


Web design

Get your website created to sell your product or services.

Graphic Design

Get images created for use on social media. Whether it’s for stories or regular posts.

Article Writing

Press releases, articles for website, content for social media pages and more.

Audio Editing

Podcast editing, advertisement, public service announcements, and audio narration for documentaries and videos.

About Me

Andrae Palmer is a journalist by profession with over 13 years of experience. He is a passionate teacher of the word.

Latest from my blog

  • Never underestimate your influence
    A few years ago I was traveled with my coworkers to Duncan’s Trelawny on the yearly heritage tour. Our first stop was Duncan’s All age school. Just before the presentations started a teacher came up to me introduced herself and said she wanted to meet me. The reason was because she listened one of the … Read more
  • What Romain Virgo and The Mitchell can teach you about marketing.
    There are a couple of jamaican artist I find interesting online. Romain Virgo and Tami and Wayne Mitchell. I got introduce to them through my wife. She is a fan of their content on YouTube. The interesting thing about it is that she binge watch videos and the new ones that comes out. The Mitchell’s … Read more
  • Control the distribution
    There is a popular saying that content is king. But I know alot of great content creators who are still trying to get the word out about their work. They are even some that are highly dependent on others to do the distribution for them. This puts a restriction on what gets out and how … Read more
  • How I stop procrastination
    Lack of ideas can kill creativity. The next close thing is procrastination. This whole idea of do it later, I have more than enough time to finish can lead to mad dash to complete critical projects. This situation has caught me several times. I remember working on a project got the main parts done only … Read more
  • Never give up on your dreams
    For many years I always had a deep desire to play piano in church. For many years I sat at the back or on the drums with an image of being able to play by ear. I asked for help many times from other musicians but somehow I didn’t get all the information they were … Read more